Cheap Belt vs Quality Belt

Cheap Belt vs Quality Belt

The age old question that pops up in everyone's mind - “why should I spend more on something when I can get the same thing for a cheaper price?”. We all do it. It’s natural to want to save money on things you can so you can splurge on the things you really want. Right? Right.

We’re here to share some facts that we’ve come across on why you should take the plunge and spend that money on that nice quality leather belt versus settling for that cheaper knockoff version you can find in department stores.

You get what you pay for. This is a lesson I’m sure we’ve all learned at some point of our lives. Mine came in the form of the cheap knock off clothes I bought, thinking it’d be the same as that expensive top I saw elsewhere to then having it rip at the seams after one use. Or to the cheap wedges I bought to wear for a wedding that broke as I was literally getting into the car to leave for the wedding! Talk about timing on that one though! Phew! For Justin, it was his cheap leather belt that no longer looked the same as when he bought it. He refused to wear it anymore and just went through life without one. All these lessons showed us both one thing, that cheaper isn’t always better. When you want to make a purchase, you of course want to save money but you also want to make that purchase last longer than that Netflix series you’re currently binge watching. To get the most bang for your buck, sometimes that requires you to spend the money upfront rather than spending it down the line on continuous maintenance, repairs or replacements.

With high quality goods comes high quality materials, which also make up the higher price tag but for good reason. As you can see in the images below (and video on our Instagram stories/highlights) you can see the long term effects of getting a cheaply made belt. The leather has deteriorated and cracked, the buckle is tarnished and the overall look is just unpleasant. 

Deteriorated & cracked leather on cheaply made belt (top) vs the leather still going strong on the high quality made belt (bottom).
Tarnishing of a buckle made of an unknown alloy (top) vs a belt using a solid brass buckle (bottom). 

Imagine getting ready for a job interview and that belt is the only one you’ve got. You’re screwed. You could go without a belt, but how unprofessional! :) So you could buy another cheaply made belt and keep buying replacements when that one cracks too OR you could spend a little more and buy a handmade, quality belt that’ll last and get you through all your dress to impress occasions - job interview, first day on the job, dates, weddings, funerals, you name it! All you need is one.

So the next time you’re looking for a belt. Don’t pass up that handmade, quality belt you think is too expensive. Instead know that you’ll definitely be getting your monies worth and with a little care it’ll last you a lifetime all while supporting a small business that does a little happy dance every time they get a sale. 

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